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Q. How do I obtain a copy of my diploma?

A. Client will have to complete Attachment H. You can find Attachment H


Q. Do passing TASC subtest scores expire?

A. Grandfathering of TASC and GED scores – Please visit: No changes are anticipated

Q. How long will it take for a student to receive their diploma after taking the exam?

A. Official diplomas are mailed to examinees 8-10 weeks from the time of testing.


Q. Where can we find the Age Eligibility (AE) form?

A. The Age Eligibility form is now embedded in the GED registration process. When a test

taker creates their GED account, they will access the AE form if they are under age 19.


Q. Can you clarify when a student is age eligible to take the test.

A. Maximum Compulsory School Attendance Age (MCSAA) must be reached before a

student can legally drop out of school and take the GED. MCSAA is reached on or after

July 1st of the school year immediately following when a student turns 16 or 17 years of

age (it depends on the school district) and can officially withdraw from school.


Q. How will students know which tests they still need to take, if they don’t recall which

subject tests they have already passed?

A. Students should contact to request this information. Please be sure

they include their full name, at the time of testing, address at the time of testing (if

possible), and their date of birth, to assist staff in locating their testing record.

Students may also request an official transcript of prior testing. The process, and

Application H, to request a transcript can be found on the

HSE homepage.

Q. Does the address on the photo ID need to match the address used to register for

the GED account?

A. No, the photo and birth date need to match, but if the test taker has a different address,

that is not a problem if they are a current resident of New York State. Their current address

must be NYS, as only NYS test takers may take the exam in NYS.


Q. What is a passing score for each of the GED subject tests, and what is the

maximum and minimum score a test taker could earn?

A. The passing score for each of the four GED subject tests is 145. A maximum score is

200 for each subject test, and a minimum score is 100. The four subject tests are

Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA); Mathematics; Science; and Social Studies. The

RLA includes both reading and writing. Information on test scores can be found at GED

test scores webpage

Q. How old do I have to be to start GED classes?

A. 16 Years of age.

Q. Is there a fee for GED classes?

A. There is NO fee for GED classes

Q.Is there an application fee?

A. There is NO application fee.

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